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Dispenser Filter (K060)

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The K060 Filter is used for gas stations, lubricators and other industrial applications. The K060 Filter filters solid matter and water out of gasoline, diesel fuels, and fuel oils. It also filters out rust particles and keeps the entire system clean.

Safety Features

A. Bypass
The filter should be changed on a regular basis, otherwise it may clog and lead to cracks and fuel leaks. To prevent such damage, the device is equipped with a bypass, which bypasses the filter unit. Usually, fuel would flow through the K060 filter as shown in figure B. If the filter gets blocked, the flow rate decreases and the filter has to be changed. If the filter is blocked completely and pressure increases, fuel flows through the bypass.
B. Shock Relief Valve
Backpressure created when shutting off the nozzle could damage the filter and other components. The shock relief valve (figure C) eliminates this backpressure.

Max. operating pressure: 100PSI
These filters are designed for service station dispensers and pumps, to remove water and particles from gasoline, diesel and fuel oils.


Length -140mm / Diameter -97mm / 1" - 12UNF / 1 1/2" 16UNF


Model No.





Particulate resin-impregnated 10micron


Service station, Industrial -Low Flow- Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oils


Particulate resin-impregnated 30micron


Service station, Industrial -Hi Flow- Gasoline, Diesel and Fuel Oils

Model No.